Palestinian Children

Palestinian Children

Encounters in the Nablus Souk (market) April 18, 2013

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6 Responses to Palestinian Children

  1. Phyllis MacRae says:

    Hi Norman
    I am so glad you are on line and in touch with those of us at home. I look forward to reading your posts. Take care and keep safe.

  2. Wendy Gichuru says:

    A warm hello, Norman. Thank you for bringing these issues to the attention of people in Canada. Injustice is happening before the eyes of the world. No one will be able to say “I didn’t know.”

    • Hi Wendy, the issues are big, entrenched and complex. However the people I’ve met are thankful for our presence and most welcoming. More action is required to challenge our decision makers who seem not to know what is happening beyond the barrier and checkpoints. If they knew, they would not stand for this or make such uninformed public statements.

  3. Jim Lamb says:

    As you know Norman, Myrna and I spent the week before last at Disney World. Talk about stark contrasts. Reading your other posts, I’m astounded that one of the children in the picture is able to smile and another is mugging for the camera. I’m interpreting that to mean that, despite all evidence to the contrary, hope still remains. Thanks for the continuing education.


    • Hope springs eternal in this land, Jim. Despite everything done to Palestinians in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, they hang on, trying to make a living to keep their families going. Many have left, which is the aim of the government. We are heading to the Jordan Valley today to witness the demolition of homes. Where do these people go? How do they pick up the pieces? And, yet, they persist. I am learning so much about the resiliency of the population and the cruelty and greed of others who take what is not theirs and who oppress and abuse. When the world comes to its senses, perhaps there will be a just peace. God bless and keep you and yours !!!

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