Official Handover Ceremony

Thursday, April 25 was filled with excitement.  Our final orientation was finished.  The day was warm under sunny skies.  Seven outgoing teams and seven new teams walked up to Nablus Road and along to St. George’s Anglican Cathedral for the official handover.  St. George’s is a beautiful church with vaulted Gothic arches that pull you towards the communion table to the front of the church.  Image

Clergy from St. George’s, along with two Ministers from the United Methodist Church (USA) serving in Bethlehem, presided over the ceremony.Image.

And, along the outside walls of the sanctuary are a series of mosaic tiles depicting Christ’s Passion, his last journey from his trial to his departure from earth.  This final journey is called Via Crusis or Via Dolorosa. Some of you may remember an episode of the Amazing Race which took place along the Via Dolorosa.  Amazing to walk along this street and to see the various stations of the cross.


After a delicious luncheon at Azzaharah Restaurant, Team Yanoun departed for home via Ramallah and Za’tara turnoff.  Our driver and guide Ghassan picked us up and drove us to the International House in Upper Yanoun.

We are now on our own and have work, a placement visit and six days off to schedule for the first half of our placement.

Wish us luck and grace as we start our journey.

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4 Responses to Official Handover Ceremony

  1. Heather says:

    Luck and grace, Norman!

    • Good morning Heather,

      Back from the morning walk down to Lower Yanoun (8 families) and out to the Jordan Valley lookout. It took an hour and a half. Stopped on the way back to speak with Rasheed, the head of the community about security issues. Had breakfast, and now I am back at wordpress, trying to post with pictures stored in iPhoto, which doesn’t cooperate easily. Blessings to you and yours and thanks for your steadfast support.

  2. Dianne Baker says:

    Norman: Welcome to your role as an EA. This is a journey that will leave you deeply changed.I was with Team 40 and the first group to serve in South Hebron Hills full time in the house in Yatta.
    I look forward to gfollowing your stories and praying for your work and for peace to come to this place. My blog (less active now, but still important to my witness) is at Blessings to your team in Yanoun.

    • Hi Diane,
      I am indeed gifted to be in the role and the journey is changing me, day-by-day. I, too, pray for peace in this deeply troubled land. I am now following your blog to learn of your experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Yatta team, participating in the school runs in Military Zone 918, shepherding sheep near a settlement and visiting Susiya. Such beautiful country, such generous people, such conflict. Things I never new or expected. Thank you for breaking the ground with South Hebron Hills Team 40 !!

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