Settler Death Yesterday and Increased Settler Violence

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There was a disturbing incident yesterday at the Za’tara / Tappuah checkpoint that we use to travel to our placement in Yanoun.  A settler was shot and killed.

The news reported that, in a long lineup of cars trying to pass through the checkpoint, an Israeli settler from the Yitzhar Settlement became angry at the holdup.  He is said to have approached a Palestinian driver, swore and then spit on him, came around the car and reached inside the vehicle to punch the man.  The Palestinian grabbed a fruit knife and stabbed the settler, wrestled with him, got the settler’s gun and shot him at close range.  The settler died.  The military at the checkpoint then wounded the shooter and took him into custody.  Within a very short time settlers started attacking Palestinian targets, including schools, a mosque, schoolbuses transporting girls, and Palestinian cars.

In the case of Yanoun, the whole team stayed in the placement for the day, did three walks and significant time in Lower Yanoun as a protective presence.  We cancelled our planned trips to villages. Due to road closures throughout the region, we could not respond to an urgent call from the headmaster of the school in the village of Urif that was being attacked by settlers.

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2 Responses to Settler Death Yesterday and Increased Settler Violence

  1. Peter Short says:

    Very sobering development you report. I remember those lineups and the daily frustration they cause. We treasure your reports and pray for your wellbeing.

    • Justice means something quite different here. For example, three members of our team traveled to the military court in Jenin again yesterday to support families of 11 youth charged with throwing stones at the military. Hearings have been going on since December. Their lawyer and the prosecutor seem to be having difficulty in reaching agreement on their sentences. We are told that the judge merely assents to whatever agreement is reached. Meanwhile, the mother of one of the youth died two weeks ago, not having seen her son since his arrest. Pray for the families and pray for the military and the system of occupation “for they know not what they do.”

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