Sheep, goats, turkeys and donkeys, too.

Good evening from Palestine, and land of great beauty and large populations of four-footed creatures.

It’s time to share with you some of the things I enjoy seeing and hearing each and every day.

Right now I am sitting in the palatial urban dwelling of my South Hebron Hills colleagues in the city of Yatta, a place with over 100,000 people and 100 mosques.  The muezzin, the person who traditionally climbed the mineret to call people to prayer, has just finished the Azan:  Allah u Akbar, Allah u Akbar … (– Allah is Great, Allah is Great …).

And from the back yard, I hear the baahing of sheep and goats in their pen – lambs and kids, ewes and nanny. Calling out, settling for the evening, not thinking about tomorrow.

Back in Yanoun, there is much excitement. Spring is in the air and surprises appear every day.


It’s lambing time. And here is one of the new arrivals.Image

And every morning, the mixed flocks of sheep and goats are taken out of their shelters to graze in the fields and hillsides.  And sometimes they are found during rush hour meandering down the roads. This photo was taken outside of Burin.



One family in Lower Yanoun has turkeys that are very vocal in the mornings.  And then, to my surprise, this one appeared on top of the wall of their compound, before hopping down and coming over to inspect me.



Finally, here is my favourite four-legged, a very pregnant donkey that has come to love carrots, apples and pears when I visit during the morning and evening walks.  At first she had no interest and would turn away.  Now she becomes alert when she hears me talking to her as I come up the road.


And that’s it from the Holy Land on this fine Monday evening.


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