In Memoriam – Jean (McClymont) Macdonald

In her 100th year on this earth, on May 14th, Jean Macdonald has finished her time on this earth.

I am at a loss to explain what her passing means to me.  Jean, I miss you.

A dear friend and strong supporter of my human rights activities, Jean was a constant friend at Emmanuel United Church in Ottawa.  Her positive attitude, warm smile and totally awesome shortbreads were a reminder to us all of her unfailing support for her biological and Christian families. 

I send my sincere condolences to her children Donna and Doug, and to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  A long-time member of Emmanuel’s Triple F group, Jean was expecting me to report on my experiences in Palestine and Israel upon my return from the Holy Land.

Jean, thank you for your friendship and support for my journeys to El Salvador, Zambia and Palestine and Israel, in pursuit of justice and human rights.  You have been an inspiration.

Go in peace and join your dear man El.

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