Around the Sea of Galilee – Visit Six: The Golan Heights

Up, up, up we went, climbing ever higher from below sea level to the heights of the Golan overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Jordan and Syria.


We drove up to an abandoned Israeli bunker for a bird’s eye view of the landscape – enormous in scale and breath-taking in height:

Here is the border between Israel and Jordan, a patchwork of barbed wire fencing, electrified further down the mountain side.


And how about a look in Syria and Jordan?


And way down below, the Hammat Gader hot springs.


And a closer look into Jordan:


and to the abandoned Jezreel Valley Railway, opened in 1892, that once connected Haifa on the Mediterranian with Damascus in what is now Syria.


It’s now time to travel south along the western shore of the Sea.  Beaches, crowds, wealthy kibbutzim, plantations of bananas, lychee, mango, palms and abundant flowers line the road way.


At the southern end of the Sea of Galilee is the kibbutz of Degania A, renowned in Israel for single-handedly repulsing the Syrian army in 1967.  An old Russian tank used by Syria and captured by the kibbutz reminds them of those days.


That’s it for the tour.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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