Around the Sea of Galilee – Visit Three: Church of the Primacy of Peter

Continuing this journey, I next visited the small Church of the Primacy of Peter, where Jesus is said to have appeared before his Apostles after his resurrection. put Peter in charge of his flock.

This small black basalt chapel is very cozy and intimate, with beautiful stained glass above the altar and ornately carved metal entry doors:






Returning outside and to the left to the lakeshore, many tourists were having an aquatic moment with shoes and socks off and pants rolled up.


Seen from the lakeshore, the Primacy of Peter Church is anchored in basalt bedrock and in my memory.


Leaving the grounds, I encountered an old friend – the eucalyptus tree – which took me back to the eucalyptus grove of the Chipembi College of Agriculture in Zambia, and it’s delightful fragrance on the road to Makumba Farm.


Blessings, shalom, salaam, from a Pilgrim in this Holy and troubled land.

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