Home demolition in the Jordan Valley – Al Jiftlik

On May 28, our EAPPI team was called urgently to document the demolition of a home in the village of Al Jiftlik, in the Jordan Valley.

The home of Rashid Salaami, his mother, 2 wives, and his children, was demolished by the Israeli military. Twelve soldiers carried out the demolition order.

The family have lost all their possessions, had a fence and water tank destroyed, and approximately 120 of their sheep were scattered.

The International Committee of the Red Crescent visited the family, but no local aid has been given as of yet. This is the second demolition the family has suffered in the space of 4 months.


The family has since evacuated their land.  The Israeli government has accomplished its goal of displacing this family from their land.  It is only a matter of time before Israeli settlers take over this land.

Is the goal of Israel to clear this land of all Palestinians and then annex it to Israel, completing what it started in 1967 with the occupation of the West Bank?

Who is directing the military to carry out demolitions and evacuations in the Jordan Valley?

Which western governments are allowing this to happen in clear violation of international humanitarian rights and their obligation to hold Israel accountable for its actions as “a temporary occupying force?”  It’s only been 46 years …

What is our government doing to uphold human rights and international human rights?  Does your Member of Parliament know and care about these issues and Canada’s reputation?

What will it take to bring a just peace to this holy and troubled land?

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