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Check Point 300 Bethlehem

On Monday, July 1, I had an early morning Check Point experience at the Separation Barrier between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. I joined two Bethlehem colleagues at 3:45 a.m. to walk to Check Point 300, the entrance on the Bethlehem side … Continue reading

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Mid-Term Meetings: Near Gaza – Netiv Ha’Asara and The Other Voice

For far too many years, the Gaza-Sderot region has faced war, rocket attacks and now isolation from each other. The latest conflict in October 2012 saw Hamas-launched rockets reaching further into Israel, targeting Tel Aviv, Beersheva, Ashdod and other communities … Continue reading

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A Day Off in Bethlehem

I traveled from Nablus to Bethlehem on Wednesday evening.  I had planned a short visit to a city that had no room at the inn for a young couple from Nazareth. I was luckier.  There was a room reserved for … Continue reading

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